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24 September 20184 Reasons Why Market Timing Is In Our Too-Hard Basket. Market timing is extraordinarily difficult to do repeatedly well, as Stephen discusses in a Livewire article today.
7 September 2018Stephen discusses the search for a safe haven amid emerging market anxiety with Sky News.
17 August 2018Value Investor Insights: Is the market missing the compounding effect when it comes to food-services company Compass Group?
6 August 2018Mean aversion – why you should own only the very best businesses
27 July 2018'It’s about the stocks you don’t buy.' Alan Kohler of The Constant Investor gave Stephen a call to find out how he filters out an incredible number of stocks.
20 July 2018Stephen recently featured on Sky Business News. The key messages – “firstly, an expensive market doesn’t mean every stock in the market is expensive. Second, there is more to IT than FANGS. Stephen discusses Accenture”.
9 July 2018Stephen Arnold has published an article on Livewire looking at the distribution of stock returns over time. The article draws on 90 years of US data.
18 June 2018Money Management on the Aoris International Fund being added to HUB24
14 June 2018Here's a sneak peek of our ad that will be running nationally over the next week. Spread the word.
9 May 2018Investor Daily on Aoris International Fund and SMA portfolios being added to Praemium, Powerwrap and OneVue.
2 May 2018Stephen Arnold of Aoris talks on Sky Business News about the attractions of offshore investing and how there is much more to it than just FANG stocks and household names.
16 April 2018 AFR Street Talk on Aoris’ launch
12 April 2018Financial Standard on Alexander Ordon joining Aoris
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28 September 2018Aoris Launches Currency-Hedged International Fund
17 September 2018Aoris is pleased to announce the addition of Swati Reddy to its investment team as Senior Investment Analyst.
13 September 2018Aoris International Fund available to the investment menus of both Macquarie Investment Manager and Macquarie Investment Consolidator on the Macquarie Wrap platform.
7 August 2018Aoris International Portfolio available as a Unit Trust and SMA on the Praemium platform.
18 June 2018Aoris International Fund available as a Unit Trust on the HUB24 platform.
10 May 2018Aoris International Fund available as a Unit Trust and SMA on the OneVue platform.
20 April 2018Aoris International Fund available as a Unit Trust and SMA on the Powerwrap platform.
2 April 2018 Alexander Ordon joins Aoris as Head of Distribution.